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  • Decolonization, Race & Identity

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    Ethnic & Racial Identity – Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

    The concepts of race, ethnicity, racism, racial and ethnic identity and anti-racism will be explored. You will engage in self-reflection to expand your understanding of your racial identity development as well as personal experience of racial socialization. You will also explore racial micro-aggressions as they relate to your experience.  

    Colonial Mentality by definition, is “a form of internalized oppression that conditions colonized people to believe that their ethnic or cultural identity is inferior to Western culture or whiteness. Decolonizing practices are actions we can take, words we can say, and ideas we can unlearn, relearn, learn to transform colonial impacts. 

    There is no one way or right way to decolonize. It is an ongoing practice, an ongoing exploration, and an ongoing learning process to decolonize for my clients as well as myself.